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10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Celery

We all have heard a lot about the benefits of green leaves such as spinach, broccoli etc. But have you heard the celery leaves and stalks have terrific benefits as well? It won't be wrong if we call it an underrated green veg of this time, but the benefits will surely limelight as these are truly pro and healthy.

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1) Helps in Weight Loss

One stalk contains as little as 10 calories. Since it is 95 percent water, it not just gives needed fiber for digestive system, but also keep the body hydrated. Its consistent usage for 8 weeks can help reducing body fat.

2) Improves Digestion

As Celery's has higher water content in it leaves and stalks, it increases fluid levels in body that further helps in breaking down food for nutrient absorption. Its high fiber content helps digest the food stuck in your colon.

3) Reduces Inflammation

Celery stalks has so healthy properties that it wonderfully helps in reducing inflammation. Moreover, it also helps in removing crystals that builds up in body's digestion and release system that often cause pain.

4) Lowers High Blood Pressure

Celery contains chemicals in its leaves and stalks that helps in lowering high blood pressure. It also helps in reducing muscle pulls that are caused due to unbalanced levels of blood pressure.

5) Reduces Bad Cholesterol

As Celery is rich in fiber, it helps in reducing bad cholesterol in your body. Fibers in Celery would attach itself to the particles that cause cholesterol in the digestive system, preventing absorption in the bloodstream.

6) Keeps the Body Hydrated

Proper hydration gives us energy to perform routine life takes well. Every cell in our body needs water, and Celery has a lot of it in its stalks and leaves. It can prevent dehydration that further benefits fatigue, dry skin issues, muscle cramps etc.

7) Protects Your Eye Vision

Celery contains vitamin A. Regularly intake of Celery stalks would keep your vision sharp as vitamin A helps in long lasting eye vision. It is better to consume Celery in raw form to get the maximum benefits out of Vitamin A in it.

8) Sharpens Memory

As we all know, our brain cells suffers from memory loss as we grow old. Celery has luteolin compounds in it that helps in reducing age-related inflammation in brain cells. Luteolin is a chemical, or for easy understanding, it is a substance, that is found in celery.

9) Helps for Better Sleep

Celery leaves contain magnesium which helps in getting your body muscles relaxed that results into a better sleep. So, adding celery to your diet would help in organize your sleep patterns.

10) Helps fight cancer

Luteolin, that is found in Celery, helps in combating cancer according to latest studies by University of Illinois. This decreases the growth of cancer cells in body. Regular intake of celery can be helpful in fighting cancer cells that are in their early stage of formation.

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