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10 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

In the past, wedding favors used to be very standard and less interesting, but thanks to Internet and everyone sharing their DIY ideas to make wedding favors more unique and amazing. DIY wedding projects are very popular these days. They can be unique as well as hilarious at the same time. Many a times, couples can surprise their guests with personalized favors.

While it is obviously a great idea, keep in mind that it would take a great amount of time and effort if you have a long list of guests. It can also be used as a gesture to appreciate your guests for attending your meaningful day, but as said earlier, it can be time consuming depending on the list of your guests. We have some really amazing DIY wedding favor ideas for you.

1- Personalized Fortune Cookies

These can be easily purchased in your local market as well online too. You can simply have them beside a custom message for a wonderful greeting.


2- Cookies in the Jar

Another very simple yet humble wedding favor idea. Just put some cookies in a jar to thank your wedding guests. Its recipe is easily available on the internet, and you can also purchase them from your local market.

3- Beautiful Packages

Everyone loves beautiful packages. You can put a greeting card in it or can put some sweets in it to welcome and thank your wedding attendees.

4- Pie in a Jar

Pie in a jar seems a little idea, but trust me it leads to infinite happiness. These little things are basically a sign of thankfulness, so make sure your sign of gratitude is as beautiful as possible.


5- Wax Candle

How about something that your guests can take to their home. Soy wax candles with a little thank you note seems a great and economical idea to give your guests a reason to smile on your wedding day.

6- Lemonade Favors

Mostly people lemonade favors. Depending on the tastes of your guests, you can add or increase the amount of bitterness in lemonade favors. It would give them a refreshing taste making your special day their good day.

7- Ice cream cupcakes

Anyone? Well, most probably everyone is going to grab an ice cream cupcake. It is always good to have something sweet as DIY wedding favors

8- Little Pies

These delicious little pies can easily win the hearts of your wedding guests. Spend sometime and get the recipe from the internet, it is easily available. You can select the ingredients according to the taste of your guests.

9-Birdseet Heart Tree

Another sweet way to thank your guests. Birdseed heart tree ornaments are very economical way for DIY wedding favors. It is basically something your guests would remember even after your marriage.

10- Lavender Sachets

Looks very simple and neat, but with wedding outfit would look very cool.  You can offer these inexpensive lavender sachets to your guests to make your day more memorable.

There are many more such ideas that can make your special day even more special and memorable. You may also share such ideas in our comments section, we will list those ideas in our new post for sure.

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