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10 DIY Floor Ideas

Flooring can be expensive. And hiring someone to install flooring can be even pricier. So why not get creative and try doing it yourself? There are plenty of DIY flooring treatments out there that can really add some pizzazz to your space.

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Renewing or updating your floors can make a huge difference to your decor and home’s value. Flooring is typically quite expensive so it if often put off for major renovations but here are 10 amazing DIY floor ideas which can be done as a holiday or weekend project and it doesn’t cost a fortune to buy the materials. So try one of these projects in a room or throughout your house to refresh your personal space.

Just follow the tutorials below.

1:DIY How to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor:

If you're looking for a durable, high impact flooring option that won't totally break the bank, consider a do-it-yourself acid staining project. Muriatic acid, available in a variety of colors, penetrates concrete and reacts to the lime deposits, coloring the surface and giving a unique mottled, swirly finish.

No two acid-stained floors will be the same! But everything can be done by even a beginning Dyer.For a large area and a small budget, this is the perfect solution.

For Tutorial Click here.


2) DIY How to Make a Spectacular Floor Lamp with Logs:

You may have wood logs available around you, or maybe a wood part too big to put in a fireplace… Make this amazing wood floor lamp as indoor or outdoor lighting!

This great tutorial will help you in all stages.

Click here for Tutorial.



Do you hate the carpet in your upstairs and want to replace it with wood floors? It wasn't in the budget? No need to worry we have  a less expensive and in and a super awesome alternative for you.
 Just follow the simple tutorial here and make planked floors easily.

4)DIY How to remove carpet and refinish wood floors:

This Tutorial shows you how to pull up carpet and refinish those gorgeous wood floors that may be hiding under your carpet.Let’s be real, kids are hard on carpet. Carpet is great but there are always areas that just don’t hold up well in those high traffic areas. That was definitely holding true in our living room area and the main hallway of our home. So why not try this amazing DIY and get rid of carpets.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



Here is a wonderful idea how to make a no sew floor pillow . Make it for your home , for your kid or for gift .It’s very easy to make, you will need 2 fleece fabrics ,place on top of each other. Cut 3-4 inch strips around all edges and tie the two fabrics together with knots and leave one side open. Place either pillows or foam stuffing inside and then finish tying the pillow until all strips are tied together.

Click here for tutorial.



This is an amzaing DIY which shows how to make floor from paper bags. To make a floor that’s recyclable, durable, and beautiful just follow these simple steps shown in the tutorial.This would also make a neat wall covering.  You could use any type of paper.

Just follow the simple steps shown here in the tutorial.


7)DIY Turquoise Glitter Epoxy Floor :

This tutorial shows how to improve the look of your floor by applying turquoise Glitte epoxy. This glitter can be found anywhere in very cheap rates. so if you want to try something new in cheap price. then this tutorial is surely for you.

Just follow these simple steps shown in the tutorial here.


8)DIY How to Install a Barn Board Floor over Concrete :

A barn board provides the base for a floor covering. It is applied over the main floor structure, although in some cases the floor itself can provide the necessary base for the floor covering. The most common subfloors are made of ply, which is laid on a wooden floor, hardboard (also laid on wood), and self-leveling compound (on a concrete floor).

Thos tutorial shows step by step guide on how to install a barn board over concrete.

Just follow the simple steps here.


9) DIY How to Lay a Pebble-Tile Floor :

This is another amazing DIY which shows how to lay a pebble tile floor. It is a very easy DIY and can be done in very short time.The interlocking edges create a totally seamless appearance when installed.Lay out the pattern of the pebble sheets before you adhere them into place.

Just follow the simple tutorial here



10) Make Your Own floor pout :

Need of some extra seating options when have the whole family over to home? If yes ,then you just need a floor mats and a sewing machine to create your own version of floor pout.

These look very beautiful and are very easy to make.

Just follow the simple tutorial here to make your own pouts.




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