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11 Splendid Wood Crafts

DIY wood projects for home decor are perfect for completing the look and feel of your home! If you want your home to come to life, then keep on reading.

There’s nothing more calming and inviting than DIY wood projects adorning your home. When you are decorating your home, make sure there is at least one DIY wood project in every room. It’s all about knowing how to treat your wood and the right craftsmanship. Moreover, these DIY wood projects are an investment. You save so much by creating something beautiful that will last a lifetime! So, let’s get craftin’!

Check out these amazing 11 Splendid Wood crafts.

1)DIY Wood & Leather Wine Rack:

Wine is already fancy enough, you don’t need to spend more just to store it! With this simple wood and leather wine rack, your wine bottles get the classy and sophisticated organization they deserve without breaking the bank!

Just follow the simple tutorial here to make your own rack.




You must have seen the plain wood crates at craft stores and think that it would be cute to stain them, but when you pick them up they just feel so flimsy and not worth the price.  This tutorial shows you how to make a wood crate.

Just follow the tutorial here.



A good coffee table is very important in any home! You can take your guests to the living room, the center of which can this wooden coffee table. It’s so beautiful, it can start a conversation! Pair it with good coffee and you’ve got yourself a great time!

Just follow the tutorial here to make your own.


4) DIY Build Your Own Wooden Box:

This is an amazing DIY on how to  make DIY Wood Box.  The great part about this is that it is a super easy project that can be whipped up in just a couple of hours..These boxes are great because it can be used for so many other projects or home décor items.  You can also build one to fit perfectly in your own space by adjusting the measurements of the wood you use and cut.

Just follow the tutorial here.


5) Wooden Bath Mat:

Who says your bathroom doesn’t deserve these beautiful DIY wood projects? The best decision I’ve made is making this wooden bath mat. My bathroom has never been cleaner and more pleasing to the eye!

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



6) DIY Make Scrabble Tiles:

This is an amazing Tutorial on how to make Scrabble tiles yourself. These tiles are very easy to make and give a whole new look to you home.You can make these tiles in less then a hour.

Just follow the tutorial here.



It doesn’t hurt to have a beautified reflection of yourself! Seeing in this lovely wood-framed mirror will make you look twice as good. An instant boost of confidence.

Click here for tutorial.



8)DIY Oversized Wood Dice:

This is an amazing DIY for making wooden dice for your bedroom, kitchen , dining room etc.

They are very easy and fun to make and look classy too. You can have these amazing dices in very cheap price.

Just follow the tutorial here.


9)DIY Pallet ladder towel rack:

You can male various projects using the reclaimed wood pallets. This ladder towel rack is a quick and very easy project to make and it also saves storage space.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.


10) DIY Pallet Coffee Station:

This mug rack is a whole coffee station with ample space to hang your cups as well as store your coffee condiments. It is quite an easy project to build on a carefree weekend.

Just follow the simple Tutorial here.




11) DIY Wood Slice Mirror Frame:

This is a simple project in a way that all you need to do is cut a lot of wooden branch slices and glue them together in a circle. It makes a great rustic mirror frame that has some whimsical quality and a lot of charm.

Just follow the tutorial here.










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