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12 DIY Foam Crafts

Again with Do It Yourself Projects we want to enable you to make possible through enjoyment and fun to make some interesting, useful and unique things from materials that you have already in your home or you can buy cheap in a market.

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Foam is  often used for making things like cups, food trays, coolers and different types of packaging material.

Instead of throwing it away think about recycling or re-purposing it. There are some pretty cool ideas you can make using this kind of material. Try some DIY projects or programs like creating numbers and letters that can be hanged on the walls.

Look for some inspiration here and follow the tutorials below .


1)DIY Cherry Blossom Foam Flowers :

This is an amazing DIY which shows how to make cherry blossom foam flowers. Since these real beautiful blossoms won't last long, preserve those wonderful spring memories by re-creating gorgeous blossoms that will last forever

These blossoms will surely last forever and add a splash of elegance and charm to any decor.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.


2) DIY Floam Using Styrofoam Cups:

Styrofoam” is just common stretched polystyrene foam, often used for making things and different types of packaging material. Have you recently bought some new thing at home and together you got free sample of Styrofoam? If yes then we have a amazing and easy DIY for you using Styrofoam cups.

Just follow the Tutorial here.


3)DIY Foam Volcano:

If you want some DIY for your kids birthday then you've come to the right place. This amazing DIY shows you how to make Foam Volcano using baking soda and vinegar .It  looks like a volcano and is super easy to make.

Just Follow the simple tutorial here.


4) DIY Make Your Own Foam Stamps:

This Tutorial shows you how to make your own DIY Foam Stamps.  You can make two different styles, a chevron print and a striped version. These stamps are really easy to make and you probably already have enough supplies at home to make them.

Just follow the simple tutorial shown here



This is an another amazing DIY from foam and very easy to make. This cute sign will turn out just as good as you hoped. It’s light as a feather, not heavy like it would have been if it was made out of wood.

Just Follow the simple tutorial here.



6)DIY Foam and Crepe Paper Owl Using Foam:

If you want to Create some crafty fun with your kids then you should definetely try this amazing DIY making this adorable foam and crepe paper owl . It is very easy to make and your kids will surely love this.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



7) DIY: Homemade Foam Party Machine:

This is an amazing DIY which shows how to make homemade foam party machine.Spice up your next house party with this diy foam machine.It is not very difficult to make and can easily be made on weekend.

Just follow the simple tutorial  here.




If you’re looking for DIY party decorations, you came to the right place. These foam ball party garlands are the perfect last-minute party decorations because they’re so quick and easy to make.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.


9) DIY Nautical “Faux” Glass Floats from Foam Balls:

The glass floats is one of the projects which is very creative and easy.  It is another creative DIY using foam.  This simple DIY makes your home look beautiful without having to spend a lot of money.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



10) DIY Fun Colourful Bubble Foam:

This is one of those fun activities that's quick, easy, and so open ended.  It takes around 10 minutes total to whip up this huge batch of bubbly, puffy, rainbow soap foam fun. You can play with soap foam before, but just plain white bubbles so our baby could play too.  You you can add some color and feel the rainbow.

Just Follow the tutorial here.



11) DIY Decorated Foam Eggs:

These Decorative Easter Eggs are created using polystyrene foam eggs, brought from the local craft shop.

This is very amazing DIY and is very easy to make.

Jyst follow the Tutorial here.



12)DIY Foam Stamps:

This is another amazing DIY for creating foam Stamps. Wouldn’t this be a great way to decorate gift wrapping paper? Or even changing up the paint & decorating tshirts with fabric paint. The possibilities are endless!

You will surely love and enjoy doing this amazing DIY.

Click here for tutorial.




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