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12 Garden DIY Ideas

Tailoring the look of your home’s exterior is one way to create a space that reflects your personality. There are many cheap landscaping ideas you can tackle on your own that are high impact without a high price tag.

Creating a modern, beautiful yard doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, the gorgeous, million dollar contemporary gardens in the magazines are possible today thanks to creative designers with a desire to use materials and plants that were easily sourced and more environmentally sensitive. Landscapers and architects wanted to re-use creative materials that were low-maintenance, cheap or free and plants that required little care or water.

Just follow the simple tutorials given below to give beautiful look to your garden.



Imagine it's a warm summer evening, and you're sitting on your porch swing, lazily sipping on a tasty little beverage. Everything feels perfect, except for one small thing; you feel like your drink could use a sprig of fresh mint. Instead of walking inside and breaking the spell, you reach down and pluck some growing right in front of you. You throw some in your drink without missing a beat, and night continues on. This doesn't have to be a dream; it can really happen! For around 75 bucks, you can build this herb garden coffee table.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



2) DIY Outdoor Seating:

This awesome cinderblock and wood outdoor seating Gives a whole new wonderful look to your garden.
You will be very amazed at how simple and ingenious this design is.
I instantly had to give it a try!

The step by step tutorial can be found here.


3) Trellis Vertical Container Garden:

This trellis looks like a supersize tic-tac-toe grid. Pots hung from S hooks fill each space. Start with 1-inch dimensional lumber cut to eight 4-foot lengths. Prime and paint pieces with exterior paint; coat with exterior polyurethane for extra protection.

Follow the simple tutorial here.


4)DIY Wood Chaise Lounges:

This is an amazing DIY on how to make wood chaise lounges in very affordable price. This gives a whole new classy look to your yard and the best part is that it can easily be made on weekends.

Just follow the simple tutorial here to make your own classy Wood chaise lounges.


5)DIY How to build a garden box:

We’re growing things! Yes we are! We’re bursting at the seams with tomatoes, spinach, radishes, carrots… and more! It’s been so wonderful to walk outside my door and grab the veggies for dinner! My fave plant so far: radishes. I used to think they were pretty lame… until we realized we could eat the greens too! They grow really fast. Super easy to grow.

We built two of these 4 by 4 boxes back . So, I thought I should share how I did this! No need to pay someone to do it for you. It’s easy.

Just follow the tutorial here.


6) DIY Little Egg Succulent Planter:

Well. These are adorable. I was trying to find something fun and different to do with my Easter eggs. The Little Egg Succulent Planter turned out pretty cute. Make one and keep it for yourself, or make a lot and give to your friends or use as place markers for your holiday dinner.

For Tutorial click here.


7) DIY Recycled barrel planter:

If you want something for your garden in less time then you've come to the right place.This is a very amazing tutorial using a half barrel and wood from old pallets. You will love the architectural tiers, and the pre-weathered effect of both the barrel and the pallet wood.

Just follow the Tutorial here.


This is another easy tutorial to improvr look of your garden and make it look beautiful then it ever was.You can also use this idea of using this activity for a Birthday Party. It would also be perfect for Family Reunions or for a girl’s evening get together or to inspire children and youth to grow something and take care of it.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.


9) DIY Natural Wood Raised Garden:

Make a natural looking raised garden by using free, natural materials such as small branches, a few thicker logs and some straight timber sections. The result is stunning

Just follow the simple Tutorial here.



Here’s a DIY planter box made from an old wooden pallet.This versatile planter box adapts to the size of the panels you have on your pallets. That being said, the longer your pallets are, the more planks you’ll have for your planter box.

Just follow the simple Tutorial here.



It you are thinking of reusing and recycling your old car tyres then i have a amazing project for you – a Tire Teeter Totter!  Yes, just an old tire given a new life.  You will really love how it turned out .

Just follow the simple tutorial here .


12) DIY  Outdoor Succulent Bench:

This last week I finally implemented an idea I have had for a while. It was that of a simple cinder block bench with succulents planted in the cinder block holes. . This different arrangement and a few pieces of wood, it could make a very cute bench.

Just follow the tutorial here.



















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