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14 DIY Gadgets

We all love geeky stuff. But only Hardcore Geeks venture out to build geeky stuff. Today it is easier than ever to build your own gadgets at home! With tech parts & tools cheaper than ever  and tutorials a plenty out there – almost anyone can build cool stuff from home! Today we want to help you out and point you in the right direction with some of our favorite geeky DIY gadget projects we have seen so far.

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Below are some tutorials for amazing DIY Gadgets. So let's get started.

1)DIY Make a Battery with Spare Change:

This teaches you how to build a battery with the spare change in your pocket. In just a few steps, a handful of pennies can power a small calculator or an LED bulb.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



2) DIY Make a small wind turbine :

This project is meant to be easy enough for older kids and adults to do without too much experience. It's a great way to brush up on your own skills or teach renewable energy basics to kids.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



3) DIY Make an emergency light powered by fire and water:

It is not only a neat project for creating an emergency light but also an excellent project for kids learning about science.Also it is very easy to make and inexpensive.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.


4)DIY Old Laptop Screen Into Monitor:

We often hear of how using a second monitor can boost work efficiency by splitting up tasks between two screens. This project gives you a neat DIY way to get a second monitor hooked up while also re-purposing an old laptop and giving it new life.

Click here to tutorial.


5) Make A DIY Steampunk Flashlight:

Because regular flashlights are for newbs! Man up and build yourself a Steampunk Flashlight with these awesome instructions! You will never have hoped harder that the power would go out anywhere you are so you can use it all the time.

Click here to tutorial.


6)How to Make a Projector for Your phone:

Gathering around your smartphone to watch funny videos is no fun, so why not project that video onto your wall? All you need is a shoebox, a magnifying glass, and a few LEGO bricks—mostly stuff you already have lying around.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.


7) DIY Make a hand-crank rechargeable flash light:

This DIY project takes on a gadget that can easily be bought in a store, but instead lets you use materials you already have to make something useful. It's also a great way to build your maker skills.

Click here to tutorial.


8) How To Make A Powerful USB Charger From 2 Solar Garden Lights:

This truly is a great project for us all to try, its very easy to make and wont brake the bank when doing it.This uses 2 solar panels from garden lights you can pick up for a buck at the dollar store. The cool thing about this project is he used a few LED’s so you can not only charge your devices day or night but use it as a flashlight when you need to.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



9)DIY Build Your Own Speaker From Scratch:

This is really cool if you are interested in how speakers work (i’ve always been fascinated by them myself). Get your hands dirty and build one from scratch! I can already think of a ton of scenarios that you could use this as foundational knowledge to build something bigger, and more awesome than just a speaker!

Just follow the tutorial here.


10) DIY IPod Car Mount:

This is an amazing DIY on how to make a Ipod car mount.I really found it inconvenient to change tracks while driving. You can only skip songs after pressing the home button first, then swiping across the screen to unlock the player.So this car mount is very helpful and is very cheap as compared to those available in markets.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.



11)DIY Homemade AC Unit:

You will be incredibly surprised at how well this one works. Similar to number 5 above, except you use PVC elbow joints instead of dryer vents. It is not the sturdiest AC on the list, but it will due.

Very easy to make. You don’t need to be handy at all, and you only need a few simple tools.

Very inexpensive. Produces very cold air 40F in a 84F room. Put a big block of ice in the chest, pour some salt over the ice block (to keep the ice cooler longer), and you’ll get hours of use

For details click here.


12) DIY Chanel Lipstick USB Flash Drive:

Do tech in style. Store pictures, files and more on your own DIY chic Chanel lipstick flash drive. This little conversation starter is oh-so-easy to create.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.


13) Super Cheap DIY Air Conditioning:

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you an apartment with no air conditioning, you grab some supplies and make your own air conditioner.This amazing tutorial shows you how to make super cheap AC.

For details click here.



14) DIY Make Your Own Portable Phone Charger:

This is a tutorial on how to easily make a portable phone charger that fits in an Altoids container. It is very easy to make and can be made in less then half an hour.

Just follow the simple tutorial here.













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