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12 DIY Finest Graduation Party Ideas

I only have one month left of school which is so exciting, and my senior friends are all starting to plan their Graduation Parties! Graduation is such an exciting time in life, and it deserves a fabulous party to celebrate! You can make that amazing party a reality even on a budget with these  Graduation party ideas.

Just Follow these fantastic instructions.

1)Photo Booth:

This is a very easy DIY and also very simple to make. Everyone will surely love this. It is a must do idea for your graduation party.

Just follow simple instructions here.



When it's about graduation speech then what better way to announce that (for you or your loved one) than with a chalkboard speech bubble to announce their accomplishments!

Follow the simple instructions here.


3) Cocoa Krispies Treat Graduation Caps:

Chocolate-lovers need these motherboard-inspired desserts. And if baking was one of those skills you planned to learn after you graduated, no sweat — the recipe is pretty easy to follow.

Follow the simple instructions here.



Although this project will take some time, it’s very straightforward and profitable. Plus, when people will find out you made the garland, their response will be “What!?!” It’s cool.

Follow the simple instructions here.


5) Confetti Balloons:

Make clear balloons more festive (and less boring) with confetti! Sprinkle small amounts of tissue-paper confetti through the mouth of the thing, then blow it up and shake to dispense it around.

Follow the simple instructions here.


6) Class Rings:

For an inexpensive centerpiece, fill a clear cookie jar with Ring Pops, tie it with a ribbon, and label it as your "class rings.".

Follow the simple instructions here.


7) Graduation Cap Straw Toppers:

Think of straw toppers like a statement accessory for your drink. To make them, cut a square out of construction paper and punch a hole through the center. Then cut a long rectangular strip out of the paper, form it into the shape of a cylinder, and glue it to your first piece to make a hat. Slip a straw through it and top it off with a tassel made out of embroidery string.

Follow the simple instructions here.


8) Memory Jar:

Have your guests take a trip down memory lane and write down all of the amazing times you've had together. At the end of the night, you can read about the impact that each person who attended had on your high school experience. All you need for this super easy decoration is a clear, labeled jar and colorful cardstock!

Follow the simple instructions here.


9) Drink Stand:

Instead of stashing drinks in a cooler, make a drink stand. Repurpose an old end table and paint it with the colors of your high school's mascot. Stack water, straws and mason jars on the shelves.

Follow the simple instructions here.


10) Card Box:

Cut a slit out of a cardboard box — decorated with tassel or ribbon — to create a unique place for guests to leave cards.

Follow the simple instructions here.


11) Hot Air Balloon Mobile





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