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33 Clever Ways To Clear All The Nooks Of Your House

Cleaning the house or apartment is a must, but not the most beloved one. But everyone wants his home to be the cleanest and sparkling.

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How To Wash Taps

How To Wash Taps

How To Wash Taps

For 30-40 minutes, wrap the faucet with paper towels soaked in vinegar, and after that, it will shine like new. Here is tutorial 

Snow-white edges of the bath

Dip in the bleach pieces of cotton, cover them with dirty edges of the bath and leave them there for one night. After such a procedure, all mold is guaranteed to disappear, and the advantages of your bathroom will again become snow white

DIY Clean mirrors

Wipe the mirrors with white vinegar, half diluted with water. Add to the solution a few drops of lemon juice or any essential oil that will give you a pleasant scent.

Removal of rust

Walk on the rusty spots of half a lemon, lowered into salt, and they all disappear.

Less dust on ventilation

After you wash the ventilation hatch, wipe it with wax - this will further significantly reduce the appearance of dust

Wall and ceiling washing

Ingenious and straightforward: wash the walls with a conventional mop.

Getting rid of soap stains on glasses

It is possible to clean the shower cubicles from soapy stains with a hard brush and any means for cleaning glass.

Grinding of mixers

Put a baby oil on the napkin and wipe the surface of the faucets with it. After that, polish all the taps to the gloss state.

Removal of rust stains

Clear any surface from rust will help a mixture of tartar and lemon juice. You just need to rub the stain with this mixture with a toothbrush.

Cleaning of granite surfaces

To effectively clean the granite countertops, mix 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of alcohol and 5-6 drops of liquid soap in the sprayer and wipe with this surface solution.

Clean all furniture and door handles using oil soap and a toothbrush. More information you can find here.

 DIY Clean Tiles

Clear the tile and the seams between it, and you can use regular baking soda. In addition to the excellent cleansing action, soda will prevent the slip and adhesion of the sponge to the surface of the greasy tile.

Cleaning the sink

First, sprinkle the moistened surface of the sink with baking soda, then clean it and wipe the sink with a sponge soaked with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. All stains and scratches will disappear without a trace.

Clean microwave oven

Just put a bowl of water and lemons in the microwave for 5 minutes

Cleaning the oven

Make a paste from 1 cup of baking soda, 1 tbsp. l. Soap and water. According to the consistency, the paste should resemble a dough for pancakes. Then grease all dirty places in the oven and set the timer for 15 minutes. After this, rinse the paste and wipe the surface of the oven with a dry rag.

Cleaning of electric tiles

Put a paste of baking soda, soap, and water on the hot plates of the electric tile and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After this, carefully wash the burners and allow them to dry thoroughly.

DIY Clean gas stove

The paste of soda, water and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on stubborn stains on the surface of the plate. Leave for 5-10 minutes and carefully wipe these places with a sponge or towel - the stains will disappear.

Cleaning the Oven

Sprinkle the surface of the oven door with soda and place a rag or towel soaked in soapy water on it. Leave everything as it is for 15 minutes. Then, in a circular motion, wipe the surface of the oven with the same towel.

Quick release from oily stains

Apply a few drops of mineral oil on a clean paper towel and wipe them with dirty places. After you have finished cleaning all oil stains, wipe the surface again with a clean rag or another paper towel.

Wash ventilation

Remove dust and all harmful substances from the ventilation holes using a ragged wound on the knife. Pre-moisten the cloth with a detergent.

DIY Clean air filter

Soak the dirty filter in hot water with a few drops of borax for 15 minutes. Then carefully wash the screen and dry it.

Wooden cutting boards

If you want to give your cutting boards a fresh look, just sprinkle them with salt and wipe with lemon: the lemon will absorb all the unpleasant smells, and the salt will help get rid of stale spots.

Plastic cutting boards

Soak the plastic cutting boards for an hour in bleach, and they will please you with their appearance.

DIY Cleansing blinds

Wrap the power tongs in the house with a damp cloth and use this tricky but straightforward device to wipe all the blinds in the house.

Washing windows

Did you know that a bow cut in half correctly flushes the glass? Just wipe half a glass bulb, and you will see the result. Do not worry - there will be no smell at all.

Flooring and flooring

Clean the stains on the carpet with a good soap and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.

DIY Removing stains from the carpet

Dilute white vinegar with water in 1/2 proportions and soak a rag or towel with this solution. Cover the stain with a moistened sheet and place the steam iron on it for about 30 seconds.

Cleaning the iron

Clear soleplate can use vinegar or baking soda.

Removing bad odor from the sink

Carefully remove all debris from the sink draining with a toothbrush, and the unpleasant odor will immediately disappear. How to do it, see here.

Polishing the sink with flour

After you wash the sink, dry it with a towel. Then sprinkle the surface of the shell with flour, and then use a rag to polish the pan and remove any remaining flour.

Getting rid of scales and odor in the washing machine

To get rid of the scale in the washing machine and to extend the life of the device can be done in several simple ways. Just run the laundry for the most extended cycle and add bleach, vinegar or citric acid to the air conditioner compartment.

Washer washing machine washing

Rinse the drum of the washing machine thoroughly with a solution of vinegar, baking soda, and water. Pay particular attention to the places near and behind the rubber nozzle of the drum of the washing machine - there often accumulates dirt and forms mold.

Cleaning the furniture from stains

Sprinkle furniture with baking soda and leave it in this condition for 20 minutes. Then gently remove the soda with a hard brush and vacuum the furniture.

Leather furniture

To cover all the scratches on the leather furniture, you can use an ordinary shoe polish in the color of the furniture.

Microfiber furniture

Dampen the dirty places with alcohol and rub them with a sponge. After the wet spots dry, walk on them with a stiff brush. Make sure that the color of the sponge and brush match the color of your sofa or take objects of white flowers, so they do not shed.

Clean shades

Collect all dust from lampshades and other similar surfaces with a sticky roller.

DIY CLEANING Dust on the TV screen

Remove dust from TV screens or computers using a coffee filter that leaves no traces

Purification of Vases

Shell from eggs hard-boiled, use to clean vases and glass bottles in hard-to-reach places: throw the shredded shell into a container, add warm water and a drop of dishwashing liquid and shake well.

Rice for peeling coffee grinder

Pass through the coffee grinder rice - it not only removes all dirt but also eliminates the stale smell. Details you can find here.

Removing coffee stains in mugs

Remove the enamel mugs stained tea and coffee stains, wiping them slightly salted citrus peel.


DIY Removing stains on an old cookware

Wash all the faded dishes with soda - it will quickly remove all stains and return the plates to its former color. Details can be found here.

DIY Clean frying pans

Your frying pans will be as new if you boil them with vinegar and clean with soda.

DIY Cleaning pots and pans

Sprinkle your pots and pans with salt, and then carefully wipe them with raw potatoes. After this, rinse the dishes with water, dry, rub a small amount of oil with a paper towel and hold the saucepan or frying pan on low heat for 30 minutes.

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