Top 10 Anime With Huge Fanbase

Demon SlayerShonen250Ongoing
My Hero AcademiaShonen6138Ongoing
Death NoteShonen137Finished
Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodShonen164Finished
Attack on TitanShonen488Ongoing
Dragon Ball ZShonen9291Finished
Naruto ShippudenShonen21500Finished
One PieceShonen201063Ongoing

10. Demon Slayer

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 3
  • Episodes: 50
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Source: Manga

One of the most well-known anime shows right now is Kimetsu no Yaiba. This is mostly due to its bizarre animation and well depicted story and characters.

Demons are eternal creatures that feed on people and can only be destroyed by sunlight or special swords; this is why there is a group of soldiers called Demon Slayers that battle against them.

9. My Hero Academia

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 6
  • Episodes: 138
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Source: Manga

If you enjoy anime, you’ve probably heard of MHA. Its manga and anime are still getting incredible reception. Ironically, a lot of people dislike it and describe it as boring and clichéd.

Additionally, it is renowned for having one of the poisonous fanbases of any anime series.

8. Death Note

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 37
  • Status: Finished
  • Source: Manga

You have to accept that the Death Note series is incredible, regardless of how you felt about the finale. Death Note surprised everyone when it initially came out. It immediately became well-known. Even people who don’t like anime were drawn in by the narrative.

Sadly, there is only one season. It entered the international charts and garnered multiple honours because to the fantastic characters and compelling plot.

7. Bleach

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 16
  • Episodes: 366
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Source: Original+Manga

The manga series of the same name by Tite Kubo is the inspiration for the Japanese anime television programme Bleach.

Noriyuki Abe served as the director, while Studio Pierrot produced it. 366 episodes of the series were shown on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2012.

It has consistently ranked in the top 10 Japanese TV shows and has taken home prizes for Best Anime, Best Manga, and even Best Actor.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 64
  • Status: Finished
  • Source: Manga

The list of greatest anime series has repeatedly topped by FMAB. Very few individuals haven’t watched the series. The likelihood is that you have seen FMA if you have viewed FMAB.

FMA:B is exquisitely produced, with a complicated plot, and fascinating characters. Additionally, it has one of the most wholesome fan bases ever. It’s unquestionably a must-watch, and much as with OPM, aficionados are always recommending it to newcomers.

5. Attack On Titan

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 4
  • Episodes: 88
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Source: Manga

Attack On Titan very recently became a global phenomenon. Who doesn’t like witnessing massive, man-eating aliens annihilate the planet? This critically acclaimed and commercial success has received multiple honours and is among the all-time best-selling manga.

This audience kind of oscillates between disliking and loving the animation, but in the end, they’re all ardent supporters.

There cannot possibly be a single fan who hasn’t seen AoT. Fans of AoT control the world and continue to watch and revisit the show.

4. Pokemon

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Seasons: 24
  • Episodes: 1199
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Source: Game

The fictitious Pokémon in the Japanese media franchise are said to be catchable, trainable, and battleable by humans. The brand also features toys, trading cards, anime, and video games.

We are unable to even begin to count the number of Pokemon fans. Unquestionably, it ranks among the most popular programmes in the entire globe. Children and adults worldwide are familiar with Ash and Pikachu.

3. Dragon Ball Z

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 9
  • Episodes: 291
  • Status: Finished
  • Source: Manga

Like Pokemon, Dragon Ball was a big part of many of our childhoods. This is one of the reasons why, although having ended quite some time ago, people still have a warm place for it. Because one may grow out of their love for Pokemon, it ranks higher than Pokemon. But their passion for Dragon Ball never fades.

You may get a sense of how popular DBZ is and was by the fact that it practically outpaced TV series like Friends and X-Files.

2. Naruto Shippuden

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 21
  • Episodes: 500
  • Status: Finished
  • Source: Manga

With precisely 500 episodes, Naruto Shippuden is a Japanese anime television series adapted on Part II of Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series.

It rose to the third-most viewed show in all of America in 2020.

Despite some criticism of the anime’s elements, some fans still think it’s the finest anime to ever see. I definately agree.

1. One Piece

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Seasons: 20
  • Episodes: 1063
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Source: Manga

Right now, One Piece has the largest fan following worldwide. Because the story is continuous and the anime follows the most recent manga chapter quite closely, its fan base is always expanding. This unifies OP lovers from many platforms.

One Piece is the number one best-selling manga in the world. It broke all records when it ranked #1 for 14 years.

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